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GI Table

Abstract: A table which shows the glycemic index (GI) for 150 common foodstuffs.

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GI Table

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Written by: Anki Samuelsson
First version: 22 Jul 2008.
Latest revision: 21 Dec 2008.

There are big differences between different foodstuff and how they influence our body.

Glycemic index (GI) shows how much our blood sugar level increases after a meal, compared to 100 for how much our blood sugar level increases when we eat white bread.

If you want to lose weight, or avoid gaining weight, you need to eat food with a low GI, as the ones in the beginning of the table below:

Soft drinks, diet 0
Lemonade, diet 0
Lemon 20
Fungus 20
Yoghurt, with fruit, no sugar added 20
Soya beans, preserved 30
Fruit sugar (fructose) 32
Plum 34
Marmalade, no sugar added 35
Grapefruit 36
Grain, whole 36
Red lentils 36
Spaghetti, protein enriched 38
Grainbread, with whole grain 39 - 66
Milk, 3% fat 39
Hot dog 40
Peach 40
Soya yoghurt (vitari) 40
White beans 40
Green lentils 42
Banana, green (unriped) 43
Kidney beans 43
Peach, preserved, no sugar added 43
Soya milk 43
Apricots, dried 44
Vax beans 44
Strawberries 45
Fettucini with eggs 46
Lima beans, frozen 46
Non fat milk 46
Nutella 46
Chick peas 47
Youghurt, with fruit, sweetened 47
Rye, whole grain 48
Ice cream 51 - 114
Pear 50
Yoghurt, natural 51
Spaghetti, wheat, boiled 5 minutes 52
Apple 52
Spagetti, whole grain 53
Fish fingers 54
Haricot verts, green beans 54
Tomato soup 54
Pinto beans 55
Ravioli 56
Apple juice 58
Black-eye beans 59
Spaghetti, thick, boiled 15 minutes 59
Wheat, whole grain 59
All bran 60
Branflakes 60
Chick peas, preserved 60
Müsli, depending on brand 60 - 94
Orange 62
Lentil soup 63
Pears, preserved, no suggar added 63
Bread, from four seeds 64
Macaronis 64
Pinto beans, preserved 64
Pineapple juice 66
Bread, containing dried fruit 67
Corn, fozen 67
Noodles, short boiling time 67
Spaghetti, wheat, boiled 12 minutes 67
Green peas 68
Rice, parboiled 68
Rye bread, with whole grain 68
Wheat bread with approximately 50% oats 68
Beans, baked beans 69
Grapefruitjuice 69
Oatmeal porridge 70
Linguine with eggs 70
White beans, preserved 70
Tortellini, with cheese 71
Cajun rice (Uncle Bens) 72
Orange juice 74
Banana, brown (riped for a long time) 74
Green lentils, preserved 74
Kidney beans, preserved 74
Peach preserved, less sweetened (light) 74
Kiwi fruit 75
Special K 77
Sweet potato 77
Buckwheat 78
Branoats 78
Linguine, thin 78
Rye bread with flax seed 78
Fruit cocktail, preserved 79
Rice, brown 79
Honey 80 - 126
Corn, preserved 80
Mango 80
Potato, baked, Russet 80
Potato, Pontiac (firm) 80
Potato, fresh 81
Rice, jasmin 81
Unpolished rice 81
Papaya 83
Peach, preserved, sweetened 83
Rice, Basmati 83
Bred from rye sour dough 83
Banana, yellow (riped) 84
Pea soup 86
Potato, preserved 87
Rolled oats, unboiled 89
Rye bread, whole grain 89
Potato, King Edward 90
Apricots, preserved 91
Beetroots, boiled 91
Chiabatta 92
Corn bread 92
Sugar (sacharos) 92
Couscous 93
Fruit cake 93
Melon (cantaloupe) 93
Potato, steam boiled 93
Raisins 93
Ryvita (crispbread) 93
Pineapple 94
Nectar 94
Lemonade 94
Porridge, short boiling time 94
Pea soup, with green peas 94
Gnocchi 95
Crispbread, mean coarse 95
Corn bread 95
Soft drinks 97
Corn flour 97
Taco shell 97
Wheat bread (whole grain) 97
Tea round loaf 98
Melba toast 100
Carrots, boiled 101
Swedish turnip 103
Water melon 103
Pumpkin 107
Weetabix 109
Potato, baked in microwave 117
Rice Crispies (Kellog's) 117
Rice cake, ordinary 117
Mashed potatoes, made from powder 118
Corn flakes 121
Crispis (Kellog's) 124
Rice, short boiling time 128
Bread free from gluten 129
Ricepasta (platen noodles) 131
Rice crispies 132
Potato, baked 135
Baguette 136
Energy drink 136
Parsnip, boiled 139
Dextrose 146
Intelligent natural language question-answering in the area of psychology and psychiatry. Ask a simple question:
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