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Help us translate Web4Health to additional languages

Web4Health contains about 900 answers to common questions in the area of psychology and mental health. Most of the answers are available in German, English and Swedish, the answers have also partially been translated to Greek, Finnish, Italian, Russian and Polish. More info on available languages. The web site has about 250 000 visitors and one and 500 000 downloads/month.

Most of the work on developing the web site is unpaid voluntary work of medical and technical experts. The cost is partially paid for by income from advertisements on the web site. At various times, we have also had different kinds of government funding for developing part of the web site.

We seek people who are willing to help with full or partial translation of the web site to additional languages, and also to translate more of its answers to Finnish, Greek and Italian and write new informational texts for the web site.

Translators should be capable of translating psychology information text. Best is if you are a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist or can have such a persion supervise your work. Texts may need to be adjusted to the local culture of your language area. We have found that in particular the texts about addictive drug use had to be written in different ways for different cultures with different views on these issues.

You can ask for grants from your government for doing the translation. You can also get a free advertisement for you on our pages in your language as payment for the translation work.

If you cannot find other sources of payment, we can pay you with 50 % of our income from advertisements on pages which you have translated. This will only be paid if you have translated at least 50 pages. As a basis for estimating the income, our income from ads on English pages are about US $ 0.13 per month per page, on Swedish pages about US $ 0.13 per month per page, on German pages about US $ 0.32 per month per page. Note that even though Swedish is only spoken by 10 million people, English by hundreds of millions of people, the income per ad per page per month is about the same. The reason for this is that there is much more competition by different content providers in English than in Swedish, and the German language is somewhere in between which happened to give much more per page per month than either English or Swedish. So the income on pages in smaller languages can be higher or as high as the income on English pages.

This is not so much for a single month, but summed up over the years, you will have a steady income if you translate pages in Web4health to new languages.

Some of the translation work of the existing web site has been done by psychology apprentices, who have to do psychological work as part of their education, and translation for this site has then been part of that work (in combination with other psychology and psychotherapy work).

To completely translate the whole web site would require about one person year of work. But it is possible to do only part of this work. Site visitors will then be shown the English answers for questions whose answers have not been translated.

We need translators from Swedish to English, from Swedish or English to Finnish, Greek and Italian, from German to Swedish and English and also translators for novel languages which are not at present supported by the web site such as French and Spanish. Those novel languages can be translated from either English or Swedish to the novel language.

For more information, contact professor Jacob Palme, e-mail jpalme@dsv.su.se, phone +46-8-664 77 48.

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