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Advertise in Web4Health

This page is about ads mainly on our Swedish pages, for information about ads on our English-language pages, see this page.

Use Google Adwords

A simple way to advertise on Web4Health is to use Google Adwords. It is possible to tell Adwords to place ads on a particular site only. Below is information if you want to order ads directly from us and not via Google.

Ads on all the Swedish informational pages

Reach about 30 000 Swedish-language visitors per month with interest in health, relations and psychology. Ads in Swedish will be shown about 60 000 times per month. Price 800 kronor/month, minimum 1 month. Payment in advance.

At a click-through rate of 1 %, you can expect to get about 300 clicks/month for this ad, or a cost of about 3 kronor/click. This click-through rate is no promise from us, it depends on how good your ad is, and on future statistics on how many visitors we get. You can see our visitor statistics at the web page http://web4health.info/webalizer-w4h/ and then click on a language and then click on the name of a month.

Format and placement of ads, see right column.

Ads on one or a few individual informational pages

These ads can reach a very well selected target audience by selecting a suitable page in Web4Health. The price is 800 kronor/year for an ad on one or two Web4Health pages. Our individual pages have between 1200 visits/month for the most popular pages in Sweidsh, down to about a 100 visits/month for the least popular pages. http://web4health.info/webalizer/ links to tables showing the popularity of each page in different languages.

These ads are two-line text-ads at the bottom of the article, after the "sources" link, before the "disclaimer". Example of a two-line text ad:

Example of a page containing such an ad. Look for the words "Liposuction costs" on this example page.

Ads on pages with advice om sexual problems

Google does not allow ads on pages with sexual content. Thus the ad space normally used for Google ads is available on these pages. We have about 100 pages with advice on sexual problems, with about 150 000 impressions/month in English, 10 000 impressions/month in Swedish. Price 1200 kronor/år på svenska, minimum one year, for a four-line ad. You can also get larger ads on these pages, banner ads on top of the pages, width 728 pixels, height 90 pixels, or tower ads to the right, width 160 pixels, height 600 pixels, price 2400 kronor/månad, minimum three months. At present we have ads from b4psads on these pages, but they pay us almost nothing.

Ads in other languages

Web4Health is available almost completely in English, Swedish and German, and partially in Finnish, Italian, Polish and Greek. Contact us for price information for ads on our non-English pages.


Payment in advance! Youi can pay through Paypal or two our plusgiro account 45 73 29-1.

Contact information

For more information about ads on Web4Health, write to

Other kinds of marketing

We can offer other kinds of marketing, see for example the button "Related books" on most of our Emglish-language pages which shows a special marketing. If you are an online bookseller, we might change this link to go to your website showing books related to the topic of the page the page is placed. Test the "Related books" button on our pages to see what it can give.

Or see the links below "Promotional links" also on most of our English-language pages.

Tower ads are placed to the right in static informational pages.

Format of tower ad below the Google ads:

Text text text text
Text text text text
Text text text text

Format of tower ad above the Google ads:
Text text text text test text text text text text
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