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Snoring - Prevalence among men / Risk factors for habitual snoring

Written by: Martin Winkler
First version: 22 Jul 2008. Latest version: 27 Aug 2008.


What is the prevalance of snoring in men?


What is the prevalence of habitual snoring in men?
What are risk factors for snoring?
What is the course of snoring after 10 years?
My husband is snoring terribly. Is there any chance that this will decrease in the next 10 years?


While snoring is a common problem among men (and women) little is known about the natural development of snoring.

Estimations about the number of men with habitual snoring show marked differences. One Swedish study made a questionnaire with males and found a prevalence of 15% among the male population. After 10 years 20.4 % of the same population were habitual snorers.

The most relevant risk factor was the Body Mass Index (BMI). Obese men have a much higher risk of snoring. This is well known to nearly all doctors, so they will recommend weight reduction to reduce snoring. Thus, additional weight gain seems to be of special relevance.

Persistent smoking was another possible marker for severe snoring. So maybe the reduction of cigarrettes (or an attempt to stop smoking) would be a good choice!

The number of snorers increased until the age of 50 to 60 and then decreased. So there is some hope for their wives....

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