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plain Different color-oriented , 02B7E5EEADBE2C401E629E3DA8FE48A0 , 05 Apr 2009 21:49
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Different color-oriented
From: 02B7E5EEADBE2C401E629E3DA8FE48A0
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 21:50:43 +0200
Language: English


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دانا /العراق Iraqi citizen, I live in northern Iraq (35 years) male, and white skin color and hair color of yellow and green color of the eyes similar to humans and Amehi west, and this caused me some problems of the community because there are differences between the formal and the form of community and since my childhood (I showed the symptoms of shame me now), I realized in school and my friends who Inadeni Ba (O red head) and this lasted until the middle and in my teacher's self-Inadeni term, and Kmalk outside the school, even my relatives, they say that red does not help anything, no one marries what find himself except for one which is red, when sitting Bazna Khasta in some cases of girls with us, I kept my questions about the uniforms and shave my hair and anything concerning the subject and
Thus, but have the biggest problem now that these terms have the influence of the community after the marriage and some people some times, embargoes, and say my wife and my wife (people say the decrease of the word) is not something else. I wish to live in freedom and not a human being is different, such as the Western society. The story of the tragedies of a long and a quick overview of this curse. I ask that you help to emigrate to your country to live free and happy.

Dana / Iraq

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