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KOM2002 (sad)  Please help..

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sad Please help.. , D17F3DE6943EF2657E6888EE918086D8 , 15 Mar 2009 00:45
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Please help..
From: D17F3DE6943EF2657E6888EE918086D8
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 00:45:39 +0100
Language: English


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hay i am 23 years old girl. i was in relationship with a guy for almost 3-4 years .. we loved each other badly, our families knew about we being together. the guy broke up with me after 1 year ov our relation, then he came back n we had a patch up after that reunion the guy was completely changed he loved me like crazy n so did i .. then what happened was he started suspecting me fr no good reason, he didn't want me to talk to any other guy in my school. though i was dead honest to him , i never thought ov anyone else ever in my life. he wanted to have more n more physical relationship n that thing started putting me off since we were not married n i restrained too much physical contact.. . time passed by and he his mistrust grew, he scolded me badly fer every little thing that i did against his will. when i asked him the reason for so many restrictions he always said he loves me n wants to see me secure. after a while he started abusing me. whenever he got angry he used to use dirty filthy language n ended up crying n saying sorry to me. he even doubted me being virgin that was kind ov shocking n broke me completely cz he was the only man in my life n he himself was doubting my love n sincerity for him.
anyhow what happened lately, we broke off, i was the one who stepped out of it, cz i met a guy we became friends n i felt as if the guy(new friend) has started liking me i liked him too somehow, bt the moment i realized he likes me i told him that i already am in a relationship, the new friend was very nice fellow, he took it so litely n said sorry n asked me to continue with my existing relationship, bt i got so suffocated that i told him what i ve been though what does my current boy does to me n how badly he treats me. the new friend asked me totell everything to my mom.( cz i never told anyone anything ever before) my family took the stand n eventually we broke off ... (this all happened in 6 days) i got engaged to that new friend. he loves me respects me, his family adores me. i was very happy in the beginning but nw things are coming back related to my ex. i miss him .. nw new girl friend of my ex is in my school, everytime she sees me calls him n makes n issue out of nothing . i so wanted to be with my ex, i never demanded of anything but respect. he never trusted me never respected me. nut the problem is now i feel guilty sometimes becoz i broke the commitment and i just can't forget him.. please someone help and tell me what to do. please

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