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KOM2002 (plain)  Physical sentences

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reply Re: Physical sentences , Jacob Palme , 16 Sep 2004 09:26
plain Physical sentences , Jacob Palme , 16 Sep 2004 08:37
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Physical sentences
From: Jacob Palme
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 08:37:28 +0200
Language: Swedish , English

Is alone jarring a psychic disease?

Is a jarring psychic disease?

She islet herself in the arms, is the a psychic disease?

What will I do when I become pensioner?

How will my life few sense when I become pensioner?

Non starch torpor, prevented torpor.

Tells about patologiskt lying.

How treats one permanent sömnlöshet?

Psykosomatisk blushed.

Hello, I am a guy that has problems with that few utlösning.

What can one do in order to intercept harassment?

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Re: Physical sentences (Reply to: 33627 from Jacob Palme )
From: Jacob Palme
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 09:26:30 +0200
Language: Swedish , English

What can harassment give for consequences?

Then a two small prints down old men in the concrete and buries them.

Can I may to know more about making off without pay.

The brain.

How a lot of having quiet in can a nybörjare inject and överleva?

Can ADHD lie latentlily and utbryta wide misuse?

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