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KOM2002 (plain)  Helplessness

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plain Helplessness , TiredOfLife , 25 Dec 2015 02:31
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From: TiredOfLife
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2015 02:31:16 +0100
Language: English


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I feel strange. I don't know whom to talk to. I'm in a 7month-old relationship with my best friend of four years..one might think that it should be perfect! But it's far from that. I feel helpless.

I didn't want to be very seriously committed in the first place. He was the one who became all mushy and emotional first. But now it seems that I'm the one who is affected most. I'm currently stressed because of a girl trying to sabotage our relationship , while my boyfriend seems to enjoy this attention. His friends are cool and are hanging out with her. I feel frustrated and helpless.

This is the same girl whom my boyfriend had gone on a group excursion to thailand with.. after our relationship had started. The had gone for bike rides amd late night chats. . He even confessed that he had felt the urge to kiss her at one time.

Then that girl landed in another city just to meet him and my boyfriend entertained her. We had met in a group but my boyfriend insisted that he wants to talk to her in private. They were alone for 2 hours when he supposedly explained to her thay he wasn't available. I mrt him immediately after he returned from the meeting but I saw him still talking very softly and with utmost care with her over the phone.. his explanation: she was crying.

After all this, we are in another vity now and she is here again. . Hanging out with friends of my boyfriend. I cant take it anymore.


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