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  Need help PLEASE
  Re: Need help PLEASE


KOM2002 (question)  Need help PLEASE

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reply Re: Need help PLEASE , Jacob Palme , 02 Jul 2013 17:32
question Need help PLEASE , newtootole , 16 May 2013 15:33
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Need help PLEASE
From: newtootole
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 15:33:48 +0200
Language: English


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This letter below is from my husbands sister. We have had many of these letters through the years. Can someone analyze this and tell us what is wrong with someone that writes like this. It fabricated and not true at all. Thank you...

Letter sent to us:

These are things I have never done:
Practiced the epitome of hypocrisy telling my sister not to divulge “FAMILY” business to sources outside the family but I divulge things to outside people when it suits my wife and I, implicating my sister and not using intelligent judgment.
Judging my siblings children and teaching my own that stealing is acceptable and then lying to cover it up is even more acceptable as long as the person stolen from is not deemed worthy of the truth by my JUDGEMENT.
Shot my Sister’s cat in the abdomen so that it screamed and suffered in front of her until she begged me to kill it to end it’s suffering. Not recognizing that this behavior is only exhibited by serial killers and homicidal maniacs that later on commit murder and other atrocities.

Bullied a whole town by fighting and drinking every weekend. Explaining it away with bad parents.
Being violent, verbally abusive and emotionally abusive to every significant other I was ever involved with including my Siblings and parents. Throwing an axe at my brother was the highlight. My dead Brother endured daily beatings but I explained it away as “brother to brother” fighting. Pulling a gun on my own Father and then beating him until he was unconscious.
Violently punched and slapped my sister on two occasions resulting in fractures to her jaw, ribs and a bruised eye all in the name of drinking and “I don’t remember”
Spewing venom and insults all in the name of my self -righteousness
Having an affair with a woman named Karen? While I was working on her house and even went so far as to introduce her to my sister and mother and asked them not to tell my wife.
Claiming to have changed and have become a NEW person when I was simply lying to myself and everyone around me because I am still the same sick, mentally ill, psychotic, disturbed, narcissistic, sociopath with a borderline personality disorder, that I have always been,
Claiming the delusional belief that alcoholics deserves more compassion than the people they have victimized for years who made better choices and did not become an alcoholics.
Not recognizing my own shortcomings and weakness but only pointing out those of others.
Being deluded into thinking that either of my Sisters , after thinking it through, would ever WASTE five minutes of their time reaching out to my family and I and wanting to spend time with us.
Not realizing that my sisters and their children have no secrets from each other.

Delusional and disturbed enough to believe that ANYONE cares about my opinion or my family’s
NOT apologizing or having remorse for any of my horrific actions
NOT accepting responsibility for the pain and suffering I have caused others
NOT recognizing that the level of faults in me is immeasurable and that as horrible as I think others to be, I have three fingers pointing back at me.
Because of my crippling sociopathic behavior, I do not recognize how difficult it was for any of my victims to engage with me on any level of a relationship after my lifetime of horrific acts against them.
Allowing my teenage children to talk disrespectfully and atrocious to any adult for any reason. I get a sense of empowerment and validation for my own negative behavior in allowing it.
This is posted on my FB wall.....Have a good day !!!

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Re: Need help PLEASE (Reply to: 177909 from newtootole )
From: Jacob Palme
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 17:32:50 +0200
Language: English


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That was a long letter with many different issues and statements. A few comments, not a complete statement:

  • It is very important that parents teach their children that stealing and lying is wrong.
  • Torturing animals is very wrong, and you should avoid contacts with people who do such things.

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