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KOM2002 (reply)  Svitlana

Svitlana (Reply to: 170298 from abab )
From: 115CD09A3BE2894FAB6180224EDADA2D
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012 04:09:04 +0200
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I'm sure I'll end up finding a more efceifint way of doing all this, but, for now, this will have to do. One of the biggest struggles in my walk with the Lord is to have a daily "quiet time". I know I'm not alone in this struggle - I have often mentioned this as I speak to groups or individuals, only to have them echo their same struggles. I know I could chalk it up to the devil keeping me distracted in order to keep me out of God's Word, but it really boils down to nothing more than being lazy. So, I'm not going to give the enemy credit where credit is not due - it's just a matter of me not being willing to take a few moments out of my day to give to the Lord. God forgive me/us for being so selfish when you have been so selfLESS! Don't get me wrong, it's not that I go throughout my entire day without communicating with the Lord - I feel as though He is in constant communication with me - but I know there's another aspect to that communication, and that's slowing down and "being still" so that I can clearly hear what He wants to say to me. And we also need that time of reflection - of looking into that spiritual mirror, making sure what's staring back at us is pleasing to the Lord. :o]And so, as I embark on another "New Year", I'm not going to say I'm making it a 'resolution' to be in God's Word daily, I'm just going to say that I'm going to give this a whirl and see what happens. Hopefully, come Dec. 31, 2011, I'll have well over 300 entries in this blog, and I'll have a deeper walk and appreciation for being Blessed...Loved.and.Overwhelemed.by.Grace!

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