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KOM2002 (reply)  Re: Sex

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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 06:41:33 +0200
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Personally don't do it I've heard of this before and these relationships end up in break up try creating some role playing . Go shop at a naughty store no not just for outfits but some toys you and him can use together like a vibrator or buy him a strap on and if you don't know how to have an orgasm learn ,try all kinds of vibrators you'll find they are amazing. And youl know which one is right for you!! Also learn to talk dirty most men love this example (would you like to see me lick someones ________. ) pick places to have sex besides the bedroom . Some where where you might get caught that is always a thrill. Also if you can't talk dirty or don't know what to say buy some dirty magazines and read this will help!!! Keeping a sex life alive is work but enjoyable with just you and your partner you don't need the other to have fun trust me I hope I coul help I have been married 13 years and my partner and I are very active in all ways and all places . And we have chilren play play play and don't be shy girls tend to be shy about their bodies don't be comfortable in your body confident. And enjoy sex together alone it may take a bit of work on your part to change his idea of others joining you!!!!

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