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  Obsession with money

KOM2002 (sad)  Obsession with money

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Obsession with money
From: abab
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 06:35:48 +0100
Language: English


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I know a person who retired from his job 2 years ago. He is blessed with two happy and well-settled children. But, he has always been behind money, desiring to earn more money, save more money, spend the least. His family has had hard time all their lives even though their father/husband (for the wife) had loads and loads of money. Every other day there used to be fights at their home, for no reason, or may be an extremely silly reason. But, all these made sense when he was the only one to earn. Now, both his sons are earning, and even spend for home. Still the father creates problems every other day. And when he's angry, he does anything do to show his anger, starting from shouting, not eating, come home very late, wearing rugged clothes to family gatherings just to embarrass his family members, anything for that matter. The point is, he has nothing to worry about now. He has his own home, loads of savings, retired life, but still. The sons and the wife struggle with their lives this way. Even now he doesn't want to spend a penny, and wants to save all the money for his future, when he is already above 60.
One of his sons is my best childhood friend. I have always seen him upset for his family. Is there anything that his family can do to change the father? They have tried to take the father to a psychiatrist, but he wouldn't come. My friend wants to marry a girl, but cannot have her in a home with such problems, and also does not want to leave his parents. Please give some advice.

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