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KOM2002 (question)  Speaking problem

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reply Re: Speaking problem , 1A472183DB6FC2D800C42B4E93A3A2C0 , 16 Dec 2009 11:44
Speaking problem
From: CDB265CF118DB0663CA4FAEAC73FD4C9
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 13:07:03 +0100
Language: English


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I'm in my 1st year of university studying fashion and when reading a lot of the textbooks, or even reading any books for that matter (i.e. for personal pleasure), I sometimes just don't understand the things I am reading, I just don't take it in, even when I understand what all the words mean (I do have a decent sized vocabulary). It just doesn’t seem to make any sense to me at all. This problem seems to be getting worse lately.

I can read the book but I just can't seem to make any sense of it. When reading I have to do so really slow, taking in one word at a time and sometimes have to read over and over it again just to understand it. The worse is when I try and read about a subject on my computer (i.e. Wikipedia). I find it almost impossible to make any sense of what it means. even i have problem in reading newspapers or magazines, i cant read anything, my tongue twists everytime even in a small 2 or 3 words sentence. normal person says it fast but i cant. i get fed up and stops. sometimes i have a problem in speaking english as well, i can read it too fast in my heart but cant speak aloud. even i do mistake or stops at a small word like table. it makes me embarrace. i usually hide myself when sir hav to pick anyone in class for the reading. i read like a kid.. i cant read fast though i can read it in my heart. i feel embarrace when reading anything infornt of my friend

I think I have some sort of learning difficulty as another problem I have is not being able to learn anything in lectures. I just can't understand anything and that's why I have to rely on reading the textbooks so much.

Sometimes when reading though, I think the reason I don't understand it is because I have convinced myself that I cannot understand it - particularly in difficult subjects. It's like I'm reading this book and at the same time I'm thinking 'I just can't understand this and I'm not going to'. This is something I used to do a lot with maths problems.

Over the last year or so I seem to be concentrating a lot on words and in particular how they go together and I'm always on the dictionary website looking up a word I do not know. I think I may actually be concentrating on the words too much and not actually what those words are saying (if that makes any sense?). Lately, a question seems to be popping up in my mind: how does by reading words my brain understand what something means. How by reading words do we make sense of these words? All sorts of crazy stuff like this pop in to my head and it seems to give me less belief when reading. How much of a problem could this be?

My brain seems to work in a very weird way. I tend to confuse myself a lot. I seem to be always trying to figure out the best way to learn and understand things and think I have just confused my brain completely.
I seem to be always trying to figure out the best way to learn and understand things and think I have just confused my brain completely.

When I do read something and think I have understood it I always have doubts on whether I have understood it properly, understood all of it, and if I'll even remember what I've just learnt. I'm always thinking 'there must be more to it than this' and I'm always thinking - and tend to say out loud - how do I know that I am actually understanding this. It's like there's no signal telling me that I have just understood what I have read. With easy things it's quite obvious and it's only with difficult things I seem to have that problem.

One of the things I tend to do often is go back to earlier chapters of a book and read parts of this chapter, only to learn something I did not pick up when I originally read it. I tend to understand earlier chapters only after reading later chapters quite often, yet it should be the other way around.

I find it extremly hard for me to explain stories, or just basic life stories. From being asked about videogames, movies etc. I know what it's about and what's happening but when I try to explain it to someone... I simply can't. Just makes them think I have no idea what it's all about. When I think about it in my head it makes sence, but outloud... it's all over the place. Its embarrassing. me and my sister r in the same class, yesterday she dint attend the class and when i tried explaing her the things teacher explained, i just couldnt. i almost took an hour to explain her but im sure if there was my friend, she would hav explained her too earlier. in my heart i know the procedures but i just cant take the words out. this is not since my childhood. this started happening since i was in 9th grade. i was ok before but i dont stammer

another problem is that i think alot before speaking which makes me embarrace and my friends make fun of me. i just dont get what to say and i do uh umm everytime alot, so i always parctice before ive to speak to sir or deen. sometimes i practice alot before speaking with my best friend as she gets angry everytime when i think and waste my time in uh ummm. In my heart i have alot to say to her but i dont know y i dont get words when speaking with her. i dont get nervous but i dont know y then. this happens when i speak to sir as well.

I have a problem in listeningas well. When I rent a american DVD, it is hard for me to catch what the actors/actoresses are talking abt without subtitle. i can understand it when i read the subtitle.

Do you think I have some kind of learning difficulty? Dyslexia? or im thinking too much, thi isnt a problem? How do you find it best to read? How do you concentrate on what the words are saying instead of the actual words? Any tips for me? Is there a cure for me or am I just ****** up in the head? Please answer some of these questions.

thanks for your patience
sharmeen jassani

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