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  my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him
  Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him

KOM2002 (plain)  Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him

Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him (Reply to: 140682 from C9C2E41E53B2D39F9DB05D5BBDB723D7 )
From: SPB
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 05:07:10 +0200
Language: English


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To every one on this blog... all the girls that have posted and are being cheated on and hit and abused emotionally and physically and treated like trash. STOP IT!

Every single one of us has a choice.

We have the choice to respect ourselves.

Self respect is everything and by staying with these lying cheating assholes all we are doing is showing them that we do not have any self respect! And by having no self respect we are saying to them that they dont have to respect us either. And they dont! Which is why they keep cheating and keep hurting us, no matter how hard we try to please them and no matter how much we do to show them that we love them. They will keep cheating and lying becuase they dont repect us. Becuase we dont respect ourselves..

Yes it will be hard initially and it will be lonely and you will go to a place so dark and depressing that you wouldnt wish it on your enemies. But then one day there is a tiny crack in the darkness. and a little while later the crack will get bigger. and not long after that the crack will turn into a hole. and that hole represents your self respect. And it is growing. and with each and every day the hole will get better and the darkness will disappear. Until finally one day you will wake up and you wont feel a thing anymore. you will be renewed.

And you will never allow yourself to go to that dark place again. becuase you have too much self respect. and no man will ever treat you like that again. becuase he will respect you. and if he doesnt you will see it before you even get close to the guy and you will walk away.

Girls please believe me. i know it is hard. i have come out of that dark place and i have just stepped into the light. and i went to hell and back but now i am a strong beautiful independant woman and i will never let anyone hurt me like that again. becuase i respect myself way too much. and you should too. BE STRONG!!!! RESPECT YOURSELF!!!

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