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  My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do
  Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do

KOM2002 (reply)  Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do

Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: 129912 from )
From: ...matilda
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 15:46:26 +0100
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hey, i understand what you going through to a T . it's going on with me exactly right now. me and my boyfriend have been dating for a little longer then a year and at first everything was great between us then the third month hit and we found out i was pregnant. everything just went down the well. he starts accusing me of cheating saying that i can't be his kid just because he has a low sperm count and we tried and tried for a couple months before we went out to even get me pregnant and nothing worked and yes i did. somewhat cheat on him which i feel greatly bad about but it was only going out for a night at my cousins house for a party and drink with a bunch of friends and all i did was really cuddle and make out with another guy and sleep next to him at night on the pull out couch with my cousin and my best friend who hooked up with him. i feel horrible for it but i admitted it to him and he believed i was lieing that i slept with him that its his kid all up until our son was born. hes the spitting image of my boyfriend there no denying its his kid even if i did have sex with someone else which i didn't, but the day he was born he was back to the guy i fell in love with and stayed that way for just 3 days. as soon as i got home with the baby he went back to being a secretive guy. he's always texting when we spend time together, he's getting calls and goes into another room, he changed ass his passwords after giving me them so i could make sure he wasn't fooling around and made it impossible for me to find out anything up until the last couple days when i heard he was out drinking with someone he promised never to go near and didn't wanna be near her anyway because she threatened to beat our baby out of me while i was pregnant, and he tried saying he burnt himself to hide the fact that this girl left a hickey on his neck, and then just Friday he told me he wasn't feeling good that he was going to lay down and go to bed so he wasn't able to come and see me and his own son and then i find out he went out to the bar drinking with another girl and fooled around with her to behind my back and i didn't believe it at first up until i was sent a picture of them both together and this girl is horribly ugly like i don't know what he seen in her, or if it was maby that i wont put out for him as much as i use to right now or i wont do things for him that he asks, but all i know is naturally he only drinks when he is horny and when he's around a single girl even if shes dating someone as long as that person isn't around he will do stuff with her. he never beat me i can say that but he knows all my life iv been beating so I'm scared to be grabbed and he will always grab me and leave bruises on my arms and shuv me down when he don't want me to leave when were fighting, he'll call me out of my name and bring up all the past shit we promised to just forgive and forget about, he'll threaten to leave me and everything he knows will make me do what he wants, he's the first guy iv ever felt this way about i truly love him and have his baby makes it even more hurtful knowing hes going out doing all this without even caring about me or the baby. and when i heard he was texting other girls i decided to grab his phone one night he slept over and go into the bathroom and sure enough here all these texts to other girls, "oh hey baby tomorrow night why don't we hook up." "oh don't worry me and the bitch that had my son aren't together anymore." "o don't worry i love only you baby you the only one for me" so when i confronted him he denied it even when i showed him the text he still denied it until i told him that i would leave him if he didn't tell me the truth so he told me they were from his friend using his phone because he wanted to try hooking up with any one of them girls, so i just let it pass, then i look through his phone and find pictures of my best friend saved to his phone. then the night we stayed at his friends which is like only a half hour drive away from my house, i was pregnant at the time and we had a fight and i said fuck it i told him we were over and i tried leaving he grabbed me and shuved me down to the bed and said i wasn't leaving so his friend pulled him off of me and i got up and left about almost 10 minutes later he come speeding down in his friends moms van and slams into some buddy driveway right over the snow bank to stop me in my tracks and got out ran up holding me apologizing saying he loves me with all his heart, he wants to be with me the rest of his life, im the only girl he has ever really care about and that he don't want to hurt me any more and that he wont. sure enough two days later he fights with me and leaves me home alone to go for a guys night with his friend and ends up him and his friend driving around with his ex he told me moved away and he hated her guts anyway and didn't want a thing to do with her. so even still. we are still together but we broke up for a little over a week and he came back telling me he wanted to be with me and that he misses me, so all i pretty much did was only give him the time to realize what he will be missing out on if this shit continues. and since then i only seen that one photo of him with another girl and both of them cheek to cheek and she only apparently took it because she wanted a picture of her and her friend together since she had none and plus she likes the bright blue contacts he was wearing. i told him last night its either me and his son, or all these new girls he's been with recently and talking to and he said he chooses me and his son. all you half to do is really. don't listen to your heart at all. listen to your heart, being with him may hurt you in ways but if there's that part that keeps you happy being with him. then it's worth a shot to try for another while because when you see things like the messaged and everything, there's always an explanation for them things, your phone and everything can easily be hacked, or a friend could have used his phone, even though the girls say its true they might just also be trying to break yous both up so they could be with them. all you half to do it stop listening to everything your heart, and build up the inner strength and learn to true him with every last bit of your should even though there's the part that doesn't want to and doesn't believe him, as long as there is that part that does believe him and wants to believe him and has doubt that he did it. well then hunny. he most likely didn't do it. reasons to that he could be doing that can always be he's feeling pushed aside more and more every day, or he may just be a little sexually frustrated like any normal guy if they can't get it from who they want to get it from they get it another way, and him abusing you in all ways can just be a result of him not being able to let it out "down below" then he's letting it out from his mouth and saying things he probably doesn't even mean, and with his body by hurting you even though it doesn't want to. that's all that was wrong with my boyfriend. so i hope what i told you about my relationship being exactly like yours and the little tips i left at the end will help you and your boyfriend out. and i wish you the best of luck.

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