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  My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do
  Re: help me please my boyfriend has changed what do i do??

KOM2002 (sad)  Re: help me please my boyfriend has changed what do i do??

Re: help me please my boyfriend has changed what do i do?? (Reply to: 130194 from 511AA56C4D285835294A464B4FCA6223 )
From: 018FC28CED08AD5D7778AA322FCC1607
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 00:41:43 +0100
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okay so i met this boy about three months ago, tomorrow makes it our official three months but ne ways, he use to want to kiss, cuddle, hug, fool around and tell me nice sweet comments. well an incident happened and it involved my parents. they were so pissed at him. now they are over it they love him like a son and wat him to come back. but on top of all that he had some home and personal issues i guess and he said he was just tired of me bitchin all the time. im not bitchin cause i want to im bitchin cause i hate his friends and they do stupid dhit so i don't want him to suffer for there bad beings. the he starts bein firnds with this girl after she told him she liked him he told her not to talk to him it would come between us what does he do for some odd reason there friends again?!? i was so pissed. me and my friends were in the computer lab hmmm... i'd say like a couple of weeks ago and they look out in the hallway and start laughing at this one kid so they tell me and i do to. one of em looks back out there and says omg! he is wearing her jacket, i was like no ways he wouldn't ohh let me tell you he was, so a lil bit later she comes out with his on i started freaking out i started balling they could hear me clear out in the hallway. it wasn't silent thats for sure. so i was pissed i went down the hallway started throwing shit and slaming things, he told me it was because his friends took his jacket and when he went to put it on they were laughin cause they took it and hid it so he took that girls. well i sure as hell idn't find it fnny. then today i guess he couldn't get a ride from his friend, so guess who gave him a ride home?!?! the girl. i feel so sick all the time and nausa, i cry a lot but when he comes around i act like i wasn't and im fine. this kid id the love of my life, i know hes not cheatin, but i don't want her around him period it makes me nervous. and he starts these gay ass fights that are pointless like how about at lunch one day he walked away from me never said a word cause i was wearing shorts WTF!!! he use to stay on the phone all night now he goes to sleep early and sleeps, trys to avoid me without me seeing it but hmmm haha i do big time. i hate his friends he never use to hang out with them until this month started now we constantly fight. they use to be little bitch fights and i would pout and get his attention to where he knew i was mad and he would pull me close on the bed and say qit ur shit i love you and kiss me and apoligize he was always all over me saying i love you your my worls and my everything, he took care of me at my house when i was really sick, he told me if i came to school he would carry me, he would make sure i got to all my classes and he would almost miss his bus just to make sure i got to mine. he was always up my ass in a good way he called me all the time and was constantly say i love you bby. he always made sure to call me when he was somewhere, and tell me goodnight, and sweet dreams now when he gets pissed he says im tired of fighting im gettin off here later! im the one who would threaten to hang up on him before and he would beg me to stay on and he cried cause i got pissed off one time and he thought i was gonna end it, now he just doesn't care he won't ever tell me whats wrong he's having personal troubles he won't tell me about i mean he told me i was his best friend and he told me things he wouldn't tel anyone else now sice the beggining of this month he has changed. he is a tool im tired of him treating me like this if its just a lesson to see what its like to get the cold shoulder i've learned i don't wanna play this game anymore i want the old him back his attitude totally sucks! he use to be a bad ass back when he was younger and he changed and got nice now i think sice one thing happened he thinks he failed at being at good kid might as well be a hard ass wrong! i hate it nobody likes an asshole for a boyfriend, everybody can tell somethings wrong he just won't say heuse to smile when he saw me would run up kiss me hug me and talk to me now in the hallways it hurry up im goin home with so and so or he just barely kisses me i say i love you and half the damn time he forgets to say it back i don't understand though he didn't before whats changed you don't walk away from somebody you love right? he says it cause he doesn't wanna say sumthin he'll regret... do you think he feels sorry for me? he says he doesn't like anybody he would be straight up about it and this is the first time he's tried to make a relationship work. but i am friends with a few of his exs from awhile back and a couple said they started fighting constantly and he would just be a prick. so is he doin this to me too, is he telling the truth when he said he was happier with me than he's ever been with any of his other girlfriends?? i need an answer i love him i want him to change back to his old self what do i do??

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