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  My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do
  Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do

KOM2002 (reply)  Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do

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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: 129912 from )
From: 976E4943D8E8672012D427AC53574A28
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 07:32:49 +0100
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Six years is a really long time...

And so were those 15 years before him. And all the years you have left in your life after him. Think about that...You have the opportunity right now to live your life! To start over! Come on and live...move on. If it was a one time thing,I would encourage you to forgive him because I believe that people can change. But only if they are willing, and if he is not willing to, then you need to move on with your life.

I was cheated on and you know what? My boyfriend told me six months later, for six months he was sad, and I knew something was bothering him untill he broke down and cried about it and told me everything. He cried every night for months after he told me. I've known since august and 2 days ago he still had tears to cry. That is true regret. She went down on him and he even told her to stop. He made out with her and that was it.It was during a break we were on and he did not carry on anything with her. And look at all this regret. Im telling you this because look at all that your boyfriend has done and yet he still talks to her? Does he cry? Does he plead with you to stay? Does he say it was the biggest mistake of his life? Does he wish he was dead some days over what he did? Does he pray at night hoping he didnt give you an std?

Does he love you? Please...do this for yourself. My heart truley goes out to you. Im going to tell you this.

Me and my boyfriend Were on a break for 2 months. (Weve been together for 3 years) I cried and cried missing him..he hardly talked to me...he thought he didnt love me anymore...he left me waiting. I cried so much...and then...I started getting over him.I would have thought that was impossible to do..After all the love..all the time..all the effort all the money, all the good times and bad… I was so close to moving on when he called me one day and told me he missed me.

Sometimes..even though I know he regrets what he did...I still think about how I could do better...How I could find someone who I won't second guess. Sometimes..no I know all the time my self esteem would be higher if I didnt feel like I was so easy replaceable. I feel this way despite all the regret I know he feels!! And worse of all they'll always be this feeling inside me that wants someone else too. We lost our virginity together, I never wondered what it was like to be with someone else till now. And I know it all came from what he did. I wouldnt be flirting with this boy who sits next to be in college if he hadnt have cheated on me. I went from the most loving, loyal girlfriend to suddenly ‘keeping my options open’.

Right now you feel like you are loosing him and thats why you are panicing. But think about how much you will change if he suddenly comes around. Ask yourself if its really worth it? I love my boyfriend but I have changed so much because of what he did and I find myself asking if it was worth it.

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