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  my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him
  Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him

KOM2002 (happy)  Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him

Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him (Reply to: 135015 from 146B2243C8CFCA91606BBFB40863EF40 )
From: 8A85B693B400072E37509E142B64C28F
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 16:18:55 +0100
Language: English


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its so hard to read these stories. noone can understand how it feels to be the one who loves someone so much and find out that they are the one that has to end it. I feel heartbroken thinking I am the one who said "NO MORE" I drank too much wine and decided to phone the stupid cow infront of him....stupid I know but him and her were texting behind my back he had her name in his phone under a guys name..i called her when i read the first text.. she was like texting him all through the night when he was sleeping always in caps.."I MISS YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" PHONE ME ANTIME YOU WANT.. she said "we are just good friends i just love him to bits" I told her i didnt really think it was fair then spoke to him and said its too much.. we split up i was raging then i got so sick couldnt sleep eat and our son was ill i went over and begged him to come home I said this is stupid if its just a silly texting friendship then lets put it behind us and so he did..... till last week i read a text which said..."morning babz, hows the sexiest man in the world today, Im so luvvvin youxxxxx"
I got the thats just her trying to embarass me.. i said well you said you hadnt heard from her since new year cos i asked and this was last monday... so anyway yeh i gave him back my engagement ring and suggested we sell the house.. but then lost it last night phoned her and screamed its over i cant take this bullshit anymore......dunno what will happen next and...his names on the title deeds..i aint going anywhere its my house cant tell him to leave either so.....wait and see if he hides at his mommys and blames me for being suspicious and jealous??? Yep that old line...makes me laugh

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