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  My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do
  Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do

KOM2002 (sad)  Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do

Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: 134190 from AFDF39D588BED4C1DF02824199ABF3F6 )
From: E5EC764667D1CA2C6CD739D31082F71E
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 19:05:14 +0100
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me and my boyfrend have been together for 4years going on 5 and wen we first got together he cheatd on me for 9months!!! i knew something was going on but anytime i did confront him about it he'd lie make me think i was imagining it..told me that i make things out of things that aren't there which made me lthink iw as going crazy!! there was even a time where i looked thru his fone and saw text messages very sexual ones saying things to him so i took the number and called later wen i was back at my house..i asked the girl who are you to my boyfrend and all she asked was whos this and put down the phone..only for 2mins later for me to get a call from him askin if i took a number from his fone and i denied it until i admitted and he went MAD!!!! neways it was only wen i strtd talkin to one guy who was this girls frend i used to tell him everything on my mind and he is SO trustworthy!! i told him neway about what i though and wat he had told me and all he did was give me the adress to this gurls house to go and find out myself becuase all my boyfrend would do was lie!! i wnt to the girls house and i told her we'd been going out for 10months etc etc...and it was then she sed OH MY GOSH!!! he sed to her i was jus a frend and dat i really liked him but he didnt like me in that way and plus i was too young (there was a 4 yr age gap!! ) neway we both started goin thru things his sed to me what i've done n shes done and they wer all similar...but the thing that smacks it is that it was the week i asked to see him he sed he was going to his cousins....OH NO HE WASNT..that week he was too busy fuckin her!!!...me and this girl planned to go to his house confront him with everything and i did it in such a sly way!! that night i was talkin to him and i asked him..would u ever cheat on me he goes no..i sed swear on ur life..he swore strtd tellin so much bull about how much he loves me and u kno wat..it sounded so convicing...even to the point where he goes ahhh babe im tired now i'l spk to u 2mro...YEA RITE..he was on the fone str8 away callin her!! and wat he didnt kno was that she textd me saying his on the fone to me...its so fucked!! so i wnt to his house the next day and told the girl to wait next to the door outside i came in to his house and sed oh wait i forgot something and opened the door for this girl to come in (ps: this girl is ugly, fat short hair with dandruff..THE WHOLE UGLY WORKS!! ) all the stuff i had bort him i went into his room and took back..he was so shocked u could see his heart beatin out of his chest!!! and all he sed was...i dont kno wat use two are up to but (other girls name) u need to go...the thing is wen i was puttin all the stuff i gave to him in my bag he pulled my arm and said wat are u doing..i punched him sqaure in his face!!!!! neways after this whole situation he said he never loved her, has never sed he loved her to her and that he loved me..they went out before she had an abortion for his baby and since then he felt like he had to stay there for her...YEA STAY THERE FOR HER NOT FUCK HER!! after all of this i got bk with him the next day...im so weak..i love him so much...i've never ever ever loved and felt the way i feel about him about anyone..his ike my bestfrend, he understnds me more than ne1 has, more then my own parents, his always there for me...and now his still doin the same thing..but without the cheatin although it can still b seen as that way...talkin to girls through msn, skype and on the phone...him sendin pictures of his dick and gettin pictures of their ass and breasts and talkin sexually and stuff and this isnt the first time..since that last incident...i've caught him talkin to 3 other girls!! and his stopped..then it moved from that to the interent thing..and his still doing it..he just doesnt kno i kno...im so fed up. i cnt rely on him to remember anything or get anything rite!! i kno it sounds stupid but even after 5 yrs he dusnt kno how to spell my surname or remember da way to my house..his 24 and im 20 im engaged to him its been over 1yr and a half..it was MEE!! that got him int doing drivin lessosn so he can hurry up and drive!! i started driving at 17 and he strtd his lessons over 2yrs ago..and it was automatic and his still doin it!! his so laid back and lazy and waits for things to fall into his lap and for people to do things for him, its like his not serious about life, he never has a back up plan for when things go wrong..wen things have gone wrong i've always been there to pick it up for him!! his response to all of this wen i've told him is that its cos he doesnt care about anything as long as he has me!! its all a lie bcoz if i cared that much to him he wouldnt be doin the shit he does...my parents are realyl strict and they didnt want to meet or know about him, but i really thought he was the one and knew i'd never felt this way before about anyone and made my parents meet him..they now have only just recently accepted that we're serious about each other...and its this as well the fact his my bestfrend, my brother, my lover and evertythin to me as well as being together so long that keeping me here. but i really am fed up..i just wish he can change and he dusnt understnd why i do the things i do even if i try and explain..his good at turning things around and makin it seem like its my fault...he also has an excuse for everything. i have NEVER EVER cheated on him..NEVER..althou i had been disloyal to him because there was i guy i used to see before i was wiv him but i chose my boyfrend now over him and he never knew how i felt and i told him in a long letter that i loved him etc...but up till this day my boyfrend still doesnt know there were two parts to that letter. but i dont kno anymore...my boyfrend is all i kno...i dont want ne1 else..because i love him too much..he only ever tries with us wen there problems..i jus feel with him its either a dead end or a downhill...of some1 can understnd that. i still tlk to the guy who helpd me out before and i've told him how i feel n everyfing n he sed i sound fed up and dat im a creative person and that i should create something that makes me happy..and find my happiness somewhere else bcoz i cnt live the rest of my life like this..he sed the only way he will only ever cherish, appreciate and care the way i want him to is if i were to move on and he contiue wiv wateva he seems to get out of talkin to other girls....only then will he appreciate me but by then it could be too late!! he also said that if we were really meant to b then we'd meet again..but im scared to take that chance bcz wat if he finds sum1 he loves n 4gets about me? i kno i cud say the same for myself..but i CANT and dont WANT to love anyone else...i've tried talkin to my boyfrend and it never gets me anywhere he dusnt undersntd...i've even told my guy mate that i personaly think he needs a guy to tlk to about OUR relationship..he dusnt discuss our reltionship with ne of his frends..if there is anytime they're tlkn bout girls it wud only ever be about sex... can some please advise me or give me they're opinion..i havnt eaten i feel lifeless and rite now we're not talkin as i've switched off both my phones and i jus feel sick..i get headaches all the time thinking about it....i need to tlk to someone...i dont trust anyone..i found it hard trusting pple even b4 i got wiv him and he knew that...thats probably wat damaged my trust for anyone even more!!...i just need a frend....

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