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  my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him
  Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him

KOM2002 (angry)  Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him

Re: my boyfriend is cheating on me but I can't leave him (Reply to: 117663 from narissa kid )
From: 6670C44479EB750C32B662B08A444ECD
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 19:04:45 +0200
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Hey ladies,
Im a 24 year old mom thats going through everything you guys are going through and ladies this sh** is getting crazy. Me and "MY" man has been together for 4 1/2 years, we live together, we have a baby together, we have everything we've build together and we are suppoused to get married next week to make everything official, but im sad to admit this guy is playing games with me and i've invested so much into him that im afraid of ending it. I guess this isn't the first time i believed he's cheated and he claims that he is'nt cheating but i must have a angel wathching over me because one week before i sign my life over to this guy, my women intuition allowed me to become matlock on someone lol and i quessed his code to his vm. Ladies i came across a message from some little heifer asking him to come pick her up to go to the hospital. I must have relistened to that sh** 20 times until i moved on to the next message, ladies a second message from the same chick telling him off because she left her boyfriend to be with him and shes been calling him because he was suppouse to come see her and he tells her that he was sleeping. Yo i could hurt this a**hole he probably was in bed holding me while on the phone talking to this b**ch. Ladies i bust my a** off for this man. Im a home body, i take care of him(massages, his feet, cooking) the works. All i could think about is im doing all the hard work and she indulging in my sweat. Hes been escorting her around in our vehicle. i could seriously hurt this man. then he walks in and sees me on the phone and my tears and is like "baby what happen whats wrong?" Yo his lies were bouncing off of me because the next thing i knew my bedroom t.v was on the fall. Ladies i am so embarrased and confused right now. we are very close and i know he loves me and don't want to lose me but how could he betray me like this? I don't know what to do i love this man and i want to be with him........we are raising a family and i know that in the past i wasn't 100% true to him, but we are on a new level and when i first told him that i was feeling him too he wanted this family. What am i going to do?

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