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  Blending FAmilies

KOM2002 (question)  Blending FAmilies

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Blending FAmilies
From: ******
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 12:08:29 +0200
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I have been with my partenr for 1 and a half years now. I am struggling with his children as they are not consistent in their behaviour towards me. Theya re nice when they want me to pay for something and rude when I am not offering something. This weekend my partners son and his cousin went into my daughter's cuboard and put on her nighties and then wrecked the room which she shares with him. Her things were on the floor and in the morning they proceeded to put on her other clotehs. My daughter was not home this weekend as she was with her father. When I asked his dad to speak to him he went and had a look and came back and told me he did not see the problem. This happens over and over, he never reprimands them. I love him dearly but the tension is causing me to drink and then I say nasty things which I can't even remember. Can this situation ever change? Am I wasting my time? I feel his kids use him and manipulate him. He is scared of his ex wife as the kids constantly relay untrue stories to her. She then sends him messages running me into the ground and accusing me of having said horrible things to their children. I dont know how to handle it anymore and I think I am losing him as he obviously cant handle me telling him when his kids have upset me.

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