KOM2002 is an EU-funded research project with the aim of developing a web site with answers to questions about psychology and life style.

 Content-management system

The content management system will support a group of experts in different countries, who are jointly developing a set of documents. It will support the following functions:

  • Every document can have an arbitrary set of attributes, such as title, body, sources, etc. For every attribute is specified whether it is in plain text or HTML (preferably XHTML) format.
  • Every attribute can be provided in multiple languages. Authorised users can modify attributes, with protection against information loss if two users modify the same attribute at the same time. Modification can be in any of the languages, for which this attribute is available.
  • Default values can be specified for attributes not specified for a particular document.
  • Documents can be exported through any of several export templates.
For example, there can be different export templates for:
  • Publication as a static web page for screen viewing.
  • Publication as a static web page for printing.
  • Publication of a separate source statement.
  • Publication in a format which is used as input for the natural-language question-answering system.
  • Publication in XML format for exchange with other content management systems.

This content-management system is developed as an extension to the KOM2002 groupware system within the KOM2002/Web4Health EU-funded research project.

Within KOM2002, we have successfully used the system to develop a web site with more than 6000 pages.

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