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  Free Web Forum on Psychology

KOM2002 (cat)  Free Web Forum on Psychology

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open Forum with automatic machine translation of contributions , Jacob Palme (53)
Forum for the discussion of use of machine translation in forum and mail software.
open The future of the human species , Jacob Palme (28)

Here we can discuss what will happen to homo sapiens, the human species, in the future. As a background, read

Note: In order to write contributions to this forum, you have to register, or, if you are already registered, but not logged in, login.

open Life and Health Discussions , Jacob Palme (976)

Forum where you can discuss life, psychology and psychiatry problems. Everyone is free to join the forum and participate in the discussions. Participation is not limited to medical specialists. Web4Health personnel will monitor the discussions and may remove obviously unsuitable texts. These moderators are not medical specialists. They are paid for by the income from advertisements in the web site. (This information is provided according to HON rules.)

Ethical rules for participation can be found here.

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info informazioni - Free Web Forum on Psychology

Free web forum on psychology, psychiatry, relations, healthy living.

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