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  Teen's mental health

KOM2002 (question)  Teen's mental health

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reply ** Re: Teen's mental health , Gunborg Palme - Leg psykolog - Leg psykoterapeut - Telefon 08-664 60 92 , 07 Sep 2006 06:01
Teen's mental health
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Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 02:57:02 +0200
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Below are my boyfriend's 16 year old son's odd characteristics

uses words incorrectly, or pronounces words incorrectly{you are "eluding" my privacy

seems to mimic social skills, not possess them

forgets simple instructions immediately

spells phonetically when he is unfamiliar with a word

urinates in bed

neglects to wash his body after urinating in his bed,
but he will change his clothes,
and knows to wash sheets

he will put 200 pounds of laundry
in the washing machine if it would fit, even if he has been told a hundred times how to load the washer

unable to follow multiple commands

short term memory is non existent

his life memories are as sharp as a multi thousand dollar, state of the art, flat screen tv

first 3 years of life constant crying

developed slowly as toddler and early childhood

could recite the alphabet, but he would not respond or look at you when we talked to him

paranoid in adolesence

as a 4 year old he would pee on himself and not even
understand that anything wrong had occured

master of video games

excellent sketch artist

he can add numbers mentally with high accuracy

he is never able to understand what he did wrong

he bought 4 bags of popcorn with his school lunch money, when he had been instructed to get a meal that he would enjoy

he came home and pulled two empty popcorn bags out of his backpack, like it was planned that he buy popcorn for lunch

he has no focus or attention span

his father told him to turn off the kitchen light and eat at the dining table Brandon turned out the light, and walked directly to the living room and started to sit. his father told him to go eat at the dining table, again. Brandon responded" Oh, that's right you did tell me that." His statement seemed oddly robotic, like he is programmed to respond to certain situations with cliches.

he is only able to communicate if he is joking, playing, or if he is the person talking

says innappropriate things like he told "me"
that I did not have to buy him lunch, as if he had some authority

he smacked my stair handrail with a belt, and when I asked him not to do that, and I pointed out all the scratches and marks, he said "Wasn't it like that when you moved in? you didn't do anything to this place." as if it was acceptable for him to further destroy my home because there were existing marks

i specificly told him that a country road near our house was dangerous, and that he was not to walk it, you know less than an hour later he had walked a mile on that road in 100 degree heat.

As a baby and child he exhibited mild symptoms of autism. as a teen he is unable to function independently, with the exception of video games and drawing. his mother says that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck during delivery. His mother also weighed about 200 pounds durring her pregnancy, and she fell on her butt and belly in the yard very late in her pregnancy.

Brandon lived with his mother for 16 years, now he is with us. I am truly about to have a nervous breakdown. I am dealing with preschool issues with a 16 year old. His mother has had no official diagnosis for him, because then she would have to admit that he is mildly retarded, but in the interim she has created a 16 year old baby. She has made him endure anger management classes, had him on Ritalin, other medicine to control bed wetting, none of that worked. He is not, and never was hyper, although I guess it is possible that the doctor thought it might help him focus.

can you please give me some suggestions where to begin? Please!

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