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  im in love with a married man
  Re: im in love with a married man

KOM2002 (reply)  Re: im in love with a married man

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Re: im in love with a married man (Reply to: 66877 from dg3k6wkxn1 )
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Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 06:40:09 +0200
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Woops! I am dating a married man, too. I miss him and think of him all the time. Have I fallen for him? Maybe. The only thing is that I don't have sad feelings, though. I know some of you don't agree with me. He is married, but he does provide me lots of happniess and fits my current busy schedule greatly. His presence makes me believe that there are excellent men in this world, I and him just don't have a fate. But, there are other men. And, he does boosts my energy toward other areas of my life. And, I knew this is just an affair, but I think it's beautiful,too. I did not take him for his money or fame, but purely love. Of course, life is complicated and exciting! Things happens! So what? Don't look down on your self because of this..You will know yourself better next time when you meet your Mr. right! My point is everything has a bright site and try to get the most of it and be strong! good luck! believe in love!

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