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  Flirtituous girlfriend


KOM2002 (plain)  Flirtituous girlfriend

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reply Re: Flirtatious girlfriend , Gunborg Palme - Leg psykolog - Leg psykoterapeut - Telefon 08-664 60 92 , 23 Feb 2006 23:11
plain Flirtituous girlfriend , ****** , 23 Feb 2006 19:04
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Flirtituous girlfriend
From: ******
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 19:04:15 +0100
Language: English


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I think I came to this site just to be sure that I am not over reacting to situations.

I am currently in a relationship with a young lady that I am madly in love with. However, there have been situations that are making me think that either the feeling is not mutual, i.e., she doesn't love me as much or there are other issues on her part that I do not completely understand.

We have been dating for about a year. She is constantly talking about wanting to get married and have children. Both things that I also would like to share with her.

During one of our most recent conversations she asked why I was waiting for another 8 months before proposing to her. I told her that I wanted to save enough to be able to purchase the ring I wanted. Later during the week we discussed the issue again and I told her that I would move up my timing and do it soomer than later.

We decided to take a trip to Italy as a long weekend to celebrate our first V-Day together. The trip turned out rather badly.

Our first night in Milan, we go to a restaurant after seeing a ballet and we meet a very nice and good looking waiter. Whom we will refer to as NC. NC tells us about his life, which was indeed facinating and took our orders. However, during the converstion I realize some attraction between NC and my soon to be fiance. While I find that to be attractive, it turned into an uncomforatble situation for me. After taking bringing our food he started up talking again, but this time the eye contact was mostly between them with him occasionally making any eye contact with me. I allowed it to continue thinking he was being friendly. My girlfriend and I go out for a smoke and she "jokingly" asks me if we could hire him to show us around Milan. I laughed and said it would be rather expensive and cut into our shopping budget.

Next day we are of to Venice and during a stop at a cafe and as we conversate she mentions how nice a guy NC was and how impressed with what he had done with his life. I acknowledge and the conversation moves on. Next morning we are in bed and I am speaking with her about going to Spain with her and her father to find a suitable location for our wedding since she is from spain. Again, she brings up NC and how nice he was and how we should go back to the general neighborhood to doo some shopping. She makes me promise. Next day we do some site seeing and during the day another mention of NC. No problem with me we decide during the evening to return to the area. She first passes by the restaurant without acknowledging it. Then on our way back she does and asks if we should go in. I suggested we go in at least just for a drink. NC is working and the same scenario plays out. Only this time as we all shook hands to introduce ourselves, NC and her shake hands and it is a long handshake with them staring in each others eyes. No problem we have our drink and I make no mention of it. Next day we leave for the airport. During which she talks me into writing a diary of our trip to save and read to our kids. I accept the challeng. As I am writing this, she brings up NC again stating that we should have exchanged contact information with him. I lost my temper. It was not what I wanted to hear. I could not and still do not understand why NC had to constantly come up.

This after a situation where she invites me to our locale bar to meet her long time friend. I walk out for a smoke and when I walk to the back of the bar a gentleman we will refer to as Mr.T has his arm around her and she is leaning against him. I ask why and she tells me they are just having a conversation. Problem is; "on one of our many visits to this bar Mr.T looked me in the eye then turned and looked at her butt while licking his lips, knowing I was looking at him. I tell her about this and she makes no comment or reply. Friends in common tell me Mr.T has is eye on her. Again, I tell her about this and no comments". After taking her home I retunr to the bar and told Mr.T I felt that the position was uncomfortable, and if there was something between he and my girlfriend then I would respect it and move on. He tells me there is nothing between them but that they have a history. I was angry but told him I did not know that and was sorry. Next day I confront her with the information and she denies any history with him. Cutting to the point, it turns out she had slept with him.

With all this I am beginning to feel like something is wrong. What should I make of all this.
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Re: Flirtatious girlfriend (Reply to: 63024 from ****** )
From: Gunborg Palme - Leg psykolog - Leg psykoterapeut - Telefon 08-664 60 92
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 23:11:21 +0100
Language: English


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If you have a predisposition towards jealousy, yo have better find a less flirtatious girlfriend.

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