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  Counting words
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KOM2002 (question)  Counting words

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question Counting words , ****** , 21 Oct 2005 17:25
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Counting words
From: ******
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 17:25:35 +0200
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Hello there.

I'm a 27 year old female and I have a weird habit. I like to count words or sentences. They have to come up to a multiple of 5 or I will recount them and add spaces, punctuation, whatever I have to so that it's a multiple of 5. Sometimes if it's a difficult phrase to make into 5, I'll count syllables instead. I don't do it all the time but then again, I sometimes will be doing it w/out realizing it so I'm not sure how often I really do it. I also see things out of place sometimes and I CANNOT walk past them w/out fixing them first. At my work there's a bunch of phones on the wall, if I use one and the phone cord is tangled, I will unplug it to straighten it, then I have to fix ALL of them so they're all the same. The only problem I seem to have is where there's a pattern....when we played bingo one day a girl I was playing with had red and blue cards....she had them alternating red/blue/red/blue/red/red/blue/red & the 2 reds in a row were making me feel extremely anxious. I had to be distracted by something else before I forgot about that. I couldn't even look at her cards because she wouldn't fix it. She thought it was funny that it bothered me so much but it was making me extremely aggravated. What the heck kind of disorder is this? It doesn't bother my daily life too much I suppose - I just think that people think I'm extremely picky about things. The counting words is a little odd though - I don't know why I do that. Is it something that will get worse if untreated - is there even a treatment for it? Thanks!
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Re: Counting words (Reply to: 54409 from ****** )
From: Gunborg Palme - Leg psykolog - Leg psykoterapeut - Telefon 08-664 60 92
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You might be suffering from OCD = obsessive compulsive disorder. It can be treated with high dozes of SSRI medicines. Contact a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment.

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