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KOM2002 (plain)  cutting

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reply Re: cutting , Gunborg Palme - Leg psykolog - Leg psykoterapeut - Telefon 08-664 60 92 , 11 Feb 2005 03:40
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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 19:03:55 +0100
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i had a problem when i was 13 i started cutting myself to escape emtional pain. i started out by just cutting my arms with knives then as time went on if i didn't have a knife which i usually did because i kept one in my purse for that very reason so i could cut when i needed to this continued until i was 18 and became pregnant. i knew that i didn't want my little girl seeing her mommy with cuts all over her body. so i started dealing with my pain by writing poems i just wrote what i felt or what i didn't feel. but now everytime i look at my arms and legs and see the scars that i inflicted on myself i feel so small. i need help! i am 20 years old now and i thought that i got all the cutting out of my system i have 18 months of not cutting and i really don't wanna go back but it is so hard not to wanna do it again it gave me a feeling of releif everytime i cut myself i don't know what to do plz if you could get back to me i understand there are lots of people out there with bigger problems then mine but if someday you could give me some advice it would be greatly apprecaited i don't want my little girl to see my scars but most of all i don't want her to see the cuts.
thx for your time

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