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Ravinder Kashyap (1)
female melanie lauret (1)
Joe Overbey (1)
female thabiso mokubung (1)
i think of myself as an evil genius and i fear feelings
male miak kahn (2)
male Vipul Sharma (1)
Herbal treatment for sexual weakness, obesity, hair fall, skin problems, joint problems and all other problems
female Anisha (1)
female samartha (1)
Harsshavardini (1)
male md shahbaz uddin (1)
male Leonard Levine (2)
robin barra (1)
Douglas (1)
male Peter Jacobsson (1)
Stephanie Won (1)
Kelly Dennis (1)
kshitiz (1)
Sophia Holmes (1)
female Reshma jadhav (1)
Hi This is reshma. I just got married. but i am not able to involve with my laws. They are very orthodox by nature and i am very stressful after marriage and very depress as well.
Maxine Matthews (2)
Hi, My name is Maxine and I've been suffering with emotional problems that have affected my relationship with family and friends. I've never talked to anyone, so this is urgent.
male Dr Anish John (1)
Psychotherapist with double masters and doctorate with rich experience counselling across all age groups.
Maddy Greene (1)
male Arun K T (1)
male Daniel Oyengo (1)
male watson (1)
Grace (1)
male Howard Martin Gould (1)
71yr old male with history of depression/GAD. Suffered traumatic road accident Sept 2010. Had 'open-heart' surgery Mar'13 (single CABG, maze procedure, mitral valve repair) still suffer with AF. Had TIA - Aug'14.
Chowdhury Rajib (1)
Keely Guillot (1)
male Nasrullah Shaffaq (2)
prettyprincess (1)
male mahboob ulhassan (1)
female Alice Latino (1)
CareLily gives seniors who need care, and their family members, the tools and knowledge to directly manage their in-home care in Austin, TX. Affordable care from qualified caregivers and nurses. Through our 30+ years in technology and healthcare industry expertise, we have created a platform that allows individuals to select and manage their own care while providing a higher living wage to the individuals who deliver care services.
female D. B. (1)
female blessing lyly (1)
seema (1)
some random guy (1)
male kishor Kumar (2)
Mark (1)
Samson (1)
female sandhyasree (2)
himanshi bhatt (1)
Govind kumR (1)
female Jessie bruno (1)
female Ravina Sharma (1)
female cristina (1)
Hello my name is cristina im 25 yrs I have a daughter that I love too much I live with my baby father I'm very jealous also is he...we will appreciate if you ca help us
sourabh sharma (1)
Blanca Morin (1)
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