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  Problems regarding overcoming difficulties in Life

KOM2002 (sad)  Problems regarding overcoming difficulties in Life

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reply Re: Problems regarding overcoming difficulties in Life , so mark , 23 Sep 2015 06:55
Problems regarding overcoming difficulties in Life
From: ADE5C5C2CFC41059F6E1D4853059DC0A
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 17:09:38 +0200
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I am 28 yr old woman.I am going through depression or anxiety not sure.But my mind is under constant tension and due to overthinking I become helpless.I was treated with initial stage schizophrenia during 2011.Since then my life is changed a lot.I had finished my architecture degree 2010. After that I had got job in 2011 where in I was being cheated after working one month and cheated with fault address and faulty appointment letter that I got after working very hard in office.I was being also ragged during that time.It had hit me so hard that I felt weak and later went through schizophrenia.It took me entire 2011 yr to overcome with that.I again join another office in 2011 end with another office.In 2012 I had joined part master again in december 2012 I had mild attack of schizophrenia so I got problems in office the madam of that office thought I was mad but I was under peer pressure of studies and work and I had no one to talk.And some how I completed 3 semester of master by 2013.But I sat home only applying for new jobs as architect.In 2014 I got job but had not completed my master last semester.So that new firm told to take sabbatical yearin 2015.During 2014 I had also collapsed twice once in office and once on road.I had gone unconscious.Now I am jobless for 6 months.I have lost confidence and I get wrong and bad thoughts secondly I have lost confidence to finish master.I have difficulty in approaching professionals.Everyday I am terrified of giving master exam viva which I feel next to impossible.I have been treated with physcatrist but it is not helpful to overcome with my past.I get panic attacks about completing exam which I feel next to impossible nor I am confident to join any other office.I want some one who could understand and take care for me.I really cant live normal life.I always have to take help of my father I have lost my mother during my childhood.I feel terribly lonely and upset and sometimes I keep thinking of suicide.I dont have any normal life its very upsetting I got no one to talk to my feelings or go out.I am mostly at home which depress me more bcos most of my frnds are married and I got no one around.I hardly talk to my father because he is tired of me.Please help I am finding really hard to complete my studies every time I think about all my mind thinks of committing suicide.

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