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reply Svitlana , 115CD09A3BE2894FAB6180224EDADA2D
plain Child psychology
plain Premeditation , AB7842D0C869898477B0233C9932EFC7
reply Re: Speaking problem , D1AE6B624FDD8DA50E6B99100529C89A
reply Re: Speaking problem , D1AE6B624FDD8DA50E6B99100529C89A
plain Please offer advice! , 0788076EEC73DBF3B606C717F6FC9CF1
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question So many pros and so many cons...how do i know if this man is right for me? , confused
plain Why would a healthy married man masturbate , 7BBAFE3E8883EF673339B5E831F5701B
reply Re: Penis size , 62B3DE561BCFF7983BD12D50D9FDAA3D
reply Re: Sex
plain Life , B5FDEB6D80D3260D63FE73AEEC91ADE7
reply Re: Sun , F59EDF9D8C4F38E1F6E1A258AF4A35AD
reply Re: Sun , 5CE0E434AC03C6F6B18A8A737676903C
plain Penis size
reply Re: Plz help my brother , F6E6AD5CB42F6EF78E7913629297C8EB
reply Plz help my brother , C5CE48856CC29531136CE7B703F47797
reply Re: Married 26 years eight with no intamencey , F720273823E909DF0693A4AAAFADE665
reply Re: Married 26 years eight with no intamencey , DAD5EBFDEB053B4EB4556F07A1089F89
plain Really messed up , B48E499260E32D7BFEB4ACEE878AB8D7
plain Married 26 years eight with no intamencey , 6DC36D96CD5E9693005A4A18F4F832F3
reply Re: Sun , 555D0CDD56D7D6DF52DAFAB842D26B2F
plain Male Mastrubation
reply Re: Depression and inferiority , Sheena
reply Re: My husband beats me , Sheena
reply Re: Depression , Sheena
reply Re: Olivia , Sheena
reply Re: Betrayal by someone i loved , 94431FCF93261F26DE1D435452979580
reply Re: Obsession with money , Sheena
reply Re: New Life , Sheena
reply Re: Lying and decietfulness , Sheena
happy Olivia , What cause a woman to loose hips
reply Re: Depression , 5B7206E534BE7BC6B89EECF540DEFAD8
reply Re: Depression , 7CA261B79986A69511812740F8696F13
plain Depression , D8AD155DE279E2008AD613255D206D98
reply Re: Sun
plain What should I do?
plain What should I do? , CA7D2BBB43A0239B7B34D6D90E7041F2
sad Relationship issues , 4F813B09EBE68907436439F6AF46A8C9
happy Re: My husband beats me , 1CD2F264B7C66E20F75A848B0626933E
reply Re: Lack of sexual desire , OwenSpear
plain My husband beats me , 96E5185C05613E5419DF0C450CB29670
reply Sun , C734631E66D18803D2D320C1608E9828
reply Yuval , 2ED42252EDAD88EB14ACB37213A6DE9E
reply Janderson , CF6BE5C89D47B97C1D2CD397533BDBD3
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info information - Life and Health Discussions

Forum where you can discuss life, psychology and psychiatry problems. Everyone is free to join the forum and participate in the discussions. Participation is not limited to medical specialists. Web4Health personnel will monitor the discussions and may remove obviously unsuitable texts. These moderators are not medical specialists. They are paid for by the income from advertisements in the web site. (This information is provided according to HON rules.)

Ethical rules for participation can be found here.

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