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KOM2002 (sad)  Relationship issues

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sad Relationship issues , 4F813B09EBE68907436439F6AF46A8C9 , 29 May 2012 06:14
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Relationship issues
From: 4F813B09EBE68907436439F6AF46A8C9
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 06:14:08 +0200
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I've always had problems expressing my feelings in a relationship.I'm having a lot of problems in my current relationship of 2years. My girlfriend knew that it was hard for me to be very open about my feelings from the beginning of our relationship. I know that in lesbian relationships a lot of feelings are involved and attitudes are inevitable. But growing up my grandmother was very strict and never showed love or any kind of affection.I try not to let my upbringing interfere with my love life but I have no idea why its so hard for me to tell my girlfriend how I feel when she wants to talk.Recently she started talking to a female on the phone and she said they are just friends.I felt upset about the "friendship" because they talked all the time.Whenever I said something to her about it she said I'm being paranoid and I'm jealous. Later she explained to me that she started talking to this female because we can't have conversations together. I told her that I do have a hard time talking and I would try to work on it.So tonight out of nowhere she asks me why I don't trust her.I tried to explain myself the best way I could but she said she didn't understand my logic and the conversation turned into a big argument. I don't know why I can't talk to anyone and get my point across.I tend to clam up and avoid all confrontation but this is destroying my relationship.What should I do?

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