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KOM2002 (question)  Penis Enlargement

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reply Re: Penis Enlargement , jack , 27 Dec 2012 19:00
Penis Enlargement
From: so mark
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 06:05:08 +0100
Language: English


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Hello Again, I am posting this my query again because almost 2 weeks ago I have posted it here, Neither I have any reply nor I can see my post, I really don't know if previously it was posted or not?? But my questions are about penis enlargement. Most of the articles here and in other website I've read, those says that all the penis enlargement pills are only beneficial for the companies who made it. not for the people who use it. Now question comes in my mind that I have saw some porn where I've saw guys with penis around 8 to 9 inches and pretty thick in size so how did they made it?? Even I have saw few movies where guy loose very huge sperm after sex which is very unusual. I want to know how is it possible? My penis is 5 inches when it's hard, I would like to make it 8 or 9 inches and thick one. is there no any way or anything that could help with atleast some good result for sure?? Please guide me for it.

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