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  Illogical feeling

KOM2002 (plain)  Illogical feeling

Illogical feeling
From: ******
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 05:43:16 +0200
Language: English


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I live in Palm Springs, California, a valley surrounded by mountains, and about 10 miles by 15 miles in area of homes, country clubs, stores and so on, its like a paradise in the desert. Im 57 years old. When I leave the valley, even for a few hours to go to an area outside the valley. such as into San Bernardino, or morongo valley, a few minutes away, I feel detached from my life, and the feeling becomes accute as I enter the valley to go back home. The feeling is so strong that I feel as though I have lost part of or all of my identity, I feel like I no longer exist, even though I know I am still alive and here along the people. The feeling is disorienting, as though I am lost and separated from the body, in some form. Its horrible, and I have felt this illogical feeling for about the last 10 years now. I never felt that way when I was younger. Once I am back home, and an hour or so has gone by, I start to feel a part of my like coming back to me, but by then I feel so strange that I have experienced this strange situation. It happens each time I try to leave the valley, like a fish out of water, it is so disturbing to my logical way of thinking. Your thoughts on this situation would be greatly appreciated, contact me at captainmagazine@yahoo.com. My name is Mike Magoo.

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