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  im in love with a married man
  Re: im in love with a married man

KOM2002 (happy)  Re: im in love with a married man

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From: CA2CBFA819B788E2072DCB822E7A9DAC
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 20:17:06 +0200
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Hi to all.
I need to share my story too.I feel I like my husband but in a way like a friend more than a lover. first I met him as a friend .he was so kind and he attracted me then I felt I love him but he was not in good situation for marriage so we have to hold on for many years.I just wanted him. after marriage a strange thing happend for my feeling, I felt He is not the One, he could not make me happy.things goes on... after 6 years I crush a guy who is a good father and nice husband! we fall in love and we met in secret but nothing seriouse happen between us.yesterday I wrote to him this email:
According to Darwin ’s Theory” in the Nature, the winner is the stronger”. I think this rule is working for the natural of the human society and it is true for human connections. For many reasons, people changes so they will need new friend or new love. If the new one works for her, she will loose the previous one.

If the new one is stronger in love, it is natural that she doesn’t feel the same for the other side. It means a problem, the big one! Because nobody wants it to happen for many obvious reasons.

Religious rule offers that for the sake of the social firm, forget your desire and be patient.
I reject his invitation for more close relationship and he replied that he fully agree with my conclusion.

I miss him a lot - always and I pray for him. it's strange , even if you don't go for affair you can feel the love and after one year a hot relationship, just like this I ended it.
what do you think?
Good luck.

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