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  Am I In love With My Friend?
  Re: Am I In love With My Friend?

KOM2002 (reply)  Re: Am I In love With My Friend?

Re: Am I In love With My Friend? (Reply to: 18092 from lovesick )
From: 7722D5DD7723D5D1772FD5D67758D5D17720D5D6
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 10:11:56 +0200
Language: English


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This man has a pattern of lack of commitment, regardless of his past marriage. In your case , you believe, you love this man , but he is still showing a pattern of wishy washy behaviors. Yes, he is happy to hear from you because you are a familar stable person from his past life and now.. then he goes on about dating other women again. Hm, does this sound familar to you? The mere fact that he wanted for you to see him being four hours away shows a lack of inconsidereation on his part.... sound like romeo has a lot of growing up to do. Sweetheart, really think this through..serious relationships take work and going by the presention sounds like he needs a friend more then a partner... why tear yourself up emotionally with him. I am all for love and believe a basis for a relationship is friendship and the rest will follow.If he was ready for you , he would show by his word and actions to show you are on the same page. There are people whom need a friend they can confide in while they are dealing with a situation . At times like their egos stroke that a another person is giving them , one to one attention. good luck in what ever you do.

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