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  Irritating problem with sleeping with parents

KOM2002 (question)  Irritating problem with sleeping with parents

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Irritating problem with sleeping with parents
From: ******
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 19:01:26 +0200
Language: English


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I am 19 yrs old and and studying. I always remained a bright student and topper in my studies. I have a girlfriend but I am a virgin. I have a very small problem but thats irritating me and I am not able to let the thought off my mind like generally happens in day to day life I am also very close to my parents. I sometimes sleep with my parents after discussing with them how I spend my day in college or whatever.

Like this when I was sleeping I felt my penis touching my Moms thigh and pubic region. Immediately I got turn in another direction. But after this I am feeling bad about myselves and this thought again and again come in my mind and makes me feel bad about myself. It is affecting my social state of mind as well.I also feel anxious. Please suggest me what should I do to get rid of such thought and feeling. Are there Practical solutions such problem?

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