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  Orgasm Problems

KOM2002 (sad)  Orgasm Problems

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reply ** Re: Orgasm Problems , Gunborg Palme - Leg psykolog - Leg psykoterapeut - Telefon 08-664 60 92 , 15 Jul 2007 22:55
Orgasm Problems
From: ******
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 22:03:23 +0200
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My boyfriend and I are very sexually active. And very much in lvoe with each other. But no matter what I do I just cant climax. Sircumstances are right, I dont over think anything and he does everything he can to please me and It works very well. But I just cant climax.

Ive only had an orgasm once in my life masterbating a few years ago. And I dont really masterbate at all. I get aroused exceptionally easily and we dont have and problems. I dont get any anxiety or mental blocks of this.

I just dont understand and would like to know of any possilbe reason or cure for this. I am fairly certain that it isnt a mental issue and not a physical problem, I have been living with out any climax and am ok with it. But it doesnt make any sence to me. Could it be possible that I am having an orgasm and cant detect it or some form there of? I just wish I could understand this situation better.

Please send advice soon!

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