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Compulsive Gambling Symptoms Test

Written by: Author: Anton Åhrén, psychology student at Umeå University, under supervision of Gunborg Palme, certified psychologist, certified psychotherapist, licensed psychotherapy teacher.

First version: 22 Jul 2008. Latest revision: 22 Jul 2008.


 Are you addicted to gambling? Do you have a gambling addiction?


This questionnaire with 20 questions is adapted from a questionnaire developed by Anonymous Gamblers. Answer each question with yes or no.

  1. Has gambling impaired your work? Like leaving the workplace early in order to gamble.
  2. Has gambling impaired your private life?
  3. Has gambling impaired your reputation?
  4. Has gambling caused you to feel remorse?
  5. Have you ever gambled in order to get money to pay debts?
  6. Has gambling negatively influenced your ambitions or efficiency?
  7. Have you, after losing money, felt a need to gamble again as soon as possible to cover your losses?
  8. When you have won, do you feel a craving to gamble more to win more money?
  9. Do you often gamble until you have lost all your money?
  10. Have you ever borrowed money in order to gamble?
  11. Have you ever sold any of your belongings in order to afford gambling?
  12. Have you felt unwillingness to use money you have won for non-gambling usage?
  13. Did your gambling ever endanger the support of yourself and your family?
  14. Have you continued to gamble longer than planned?
  15. Have you gambled in order to escape from other problems?
  16. Have you ever participated in illegal gambling?
  17. Has gambling caused you sleeping problems?
  18. Do you get a craving for gambling when you encounter frustrations or disappointments?
  19. Have ever wanted to gamble in order to celebrate a success?
  20. Have you ever felt that gambling may be your ruin?

If you have answered yes on seven or more of these questions, you are probably a compulsive gambler.

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