KOM2002 is an EU-funded research project with the aim of developing a web site with answers to questions about psychology and life style.

References on Natural Language Question Answering

Classification manual:

Natural Language Question Answering System
Classification Manual, by Jacob Palme och Eriks Sneiders, Januari 2003 på http://web4health.info/documentation/D2-2b-classification.pdf.

Scientific paper:

Sneiders, E. (1999) Automated FAQ Answering: Continued Experience with Shallow Language Understanding. Question Answering Systems. Papers from the 1999 AAAI Fall Symposium. Technical Report FS-99-02, November 5-7, North Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA, AAAI Press, pp.97-107 at

Examples of use:

Answers to questions about HTML at

Enterprise modelling data base at

Web4Health/KOM2002 EU project at

Products on the market:

QuickAsk see http://www.askology.com/.

AskJeeves see http://www.jeevessolutions.com/products/index.asp.


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